Studio Redo

By Mary Covey

Organization is not always my strong suit. Just like the tide, being organized comes and goes for me. Things are neat, orderly and in place when the tide of creating comes in bringing with it a new mess. Time for a studio redo.  Those of you who follow me on Pinterest know I have a board of beautifully organized studio spaces and craft rooms. I found a great post on Everything; Craft Room Makeover -StudioPebbles  all about studio makeovers that I am re-posting here. Enjoy!

Craft Room Makeover – Studio Pebbles
By Kim Layton


This craft room makeover will give you tons of inspiration to make your crafty space all your own.  The room was already functional and cute, but now it’s simply amazing!  Who wouldn’t love a creative space that’s this beautiful?!

Jennifer from Studio Pebbles was blessed to work with Target to design something that fit her style and could be done without spending a fortune.


I love how there’s a few spots to sit and work on projects.  You could even leave one in-progress project on a table and go update your Etsy shop on the computer at your desk.  I hate having to clean up when I’m in the middle of something creative.  It ruins my crafty vibes…you know what I mean?

The colors, the style, the quote on the wall…I LOVE it all!

Visit Studio Pebbles and see all the fabulous photos including lots of before shots…AMAZING!


Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Visit Studio Pebbles on Etsy for adorable printables like these 3×4 cards!  These would be perfect for your Project Life books or scrapbooks!

Jennifer is super creative!  Keep up with her beautiful blog right here and you won’t miss any of her inspiring projects.

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Have you made any changes to your crafty space lately?  I’d love to hear about it!

Have an inspiring week!


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Recycled Lace

By Mary Covey

Recycled Family Fun

I am always on the lookout for new ways to recycle things. Don’t get me wrong, I throw away more than my share of trash without using the recycling systems that are available to me. But when it comes to old lace, linens, crocheted pieces, and quilts I just can’t bring myself to throw them away. Even the smallest pieces are attractive to me.

Recycled Lace

Recycled Lace Photo source Homespun magazine.

This photo shows old pieces of crochet and linen being used to cover different sizes of rock. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful project to do with your kids or grand kids. They could help pick out the rocks. Then match the right size crochet piece to the rock. Since a couple of simple hand stitches would hold the piece closed around the rock, an older child could help with that. With younger children, tacky glue would probably work just fine. Hours of fun recycling. Who knew?

Another recycling family idea is recycling spools to make a wind chime.  You can read Recycled Fun here.

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