Looking Forward to Autumn



We have had some really hot days lately here in Oklahoma. The best part of the day is early in the morning. The reast of the day I just want to be inside under the airconditioning. While I enjoy every season, I always look forward to fall. The air is crisp and the colors of fall are outstanding.

Just like I look ahead to cooler days, quilters should look ahead at getting fall projects quilted. Just  give me a call (918-299-2750)  to save a spot for your project so we can have it done in time to display this fall. And remember it is never too early to put your name in line for your Christmas projects.

Enjoy your summer.


Feet First


It is amazing to me how quilts can instantly get the attention of anyone, especially a small child. Everyone has a memory of someone in their family that made quilts or of a favorite quilt that they had as a child. I have meet teenagers who still use a tread bare quilt because it was made for them by their grand mother. I have even meet a young married lady in her twenty’s who kept the tattered corner of an old quilt in her pillow case to sleep with every night. Her mother made the quilt before she was born and had passed away while she was young. Her tangible connection to her mother was that tattered piece of quilt.

I needed to take some photos of a few quilts for a project. My grand daughter was busy riding the go cart so I thought I would take the pictures outside. The minute the quilts came out, the go cart stopped and she came running with offers to help. “You know what a great helper I am” she exclaimed. Who could refuse an offer like that!! After taking several pictures she decided that this was her favorite quilt. I asked her why she loved it so much. Was it the beautiful fabric? Could it be the lovely diamond shapes? Maybe the amazing quilting? No, none of those. “Why do you love it so much?” I asked. “Nan” she replied. “Can’t you see the colors in the quilt match my toenails!”

So, the next time a quilt gets your attention, I hope you appreciate its beauty, piecing and quilting design even if it doesn’t match your toenails.


Contest Winner

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Congrats to Deb Christie! She won our Velocity 550 Steam Iron Giveaway! If that’s you, be sure to check your e-mail, the information has been sent.

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How to De-Clutter Your Work Space



I have always considered myself a pretty organized person. In my previous life everything you did had to be documented to perfection. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Then I started quilting. At first I followed my work motto to include quilting. But after kids left home and it was just John and I, all I had to do was close the door to the quilting room and no one would see the mess. I would pick up things and store them neatly from time to time until my next project. This was not a very good system. Instead of using precious free time to sew I was looking for things and picking up my mess from the last project. So I decided to put my work practices back into my quilting.

good basket

Here a few tips that helped me make a place for everything:

1. Downsize your stash the same way you clean out you closet. Donate the fabric that you will never use to a charity that makes donation quilts like Quilts of Valor or Hearts and Hands.

2. Organize your fabric. I organize mine by color. Some of my friends organize their fabric by type. An example would be all the flannels together, all the batiks together, etc. If you don’t have a lot of space use stackable, clear storage boxes.

3. When I am finished with a project, I cut leftover pieces into my own stash of precuts – 2 1/2″ squares or strips. 5″ squares, 3″ strips – well your get the idea. I put these into large zip lock bags with the size written on the outside. I line the bags up in empty shoe boxes where they are easily visible. Next time I am making a quilt I look through these precuts first. I know it will be hard but discard all the tiny little pieces that are unusable.

4.Organize supplies into clear plastic jars that are available at places like Target for about a dollar depending on the size. Puts all your scissors, seam rippers, and snips in one - all marking pens and pencils in another -rotary cutters in another.

5. Once your sewing/crafting area is organized it can be a big challenge to keep it that way. Make a habit of putting things back immediately after you use them. It may take a few uses  to develop these practices, but in the long run you will have more time to sew!

Dorothy’s Quilt


IMG_3273 (2)


This beautiful quilt was made by Dorothy Smith. She used scraps with vibrant colors that stand out on an all white background. This is a sample of one of the blocks. The blocks were surrounded by four applique borders, all in different color ways,  red – purple – blue- orange. Dorothy says she will be binding the quilt in the green from the vine to frame the quilt.




I used Aurifil 50wt thread on the top and in the bobbin for a really strong, fine stitch. Dorothy’s workmanship is truly outstanding! It was my pleasure doing free motion long arm quilting on this beautiful quilt.