Grey+Lime Green = Modern Cool

By Mary Covey

Most every quilter, seamstress, and crafter that has been in a fabric  store lately has seen it. Seen what ? you ask – well the “MODERN Quilt/SEWING MOVEMENT” of course.  This movement started small but has slowly and steadily found itself  in full view of quilters, sewing enthusiast, and  crafters every where.


Modern Quilt –

In my last post I showed the picture of Jennifer Alpe’s beautiful yellow, grey, and white modern quilt. It will be a really great addition to any modern home. Are you asking yourself “what makes a quilt a modern quilt”? Well I was wondering the same thing, so I used this marvelous computer to look it up! Modern quilts are basically a functional quilt that is inspired by modern designs. Some of the things that help me define a modern quilt are: *use of bold colors. *high contrast. *large areas of solid color like white, grey, red, etc. *minimalism in piecing.


Modern Quilt Use of Bold Colors

In this quilt, Jackie used a light grey for the large blank area on the top of the quilt. By using the black and green pieced blocks in the lower one third of the quilt, she added interest to the layout and a cool vibrancy to the dark grey bottom.


Modern Quilt Grey + Lime Green

There are two books that came out around 2005 that  every modern quilter should have in her library. They are “Denyse Schmidt Quilts” and “Modern Workshop”. During this same time, the very first on line quilt-a-longs were established and many blogs on the world of “modern quilting” popped up everywhere. As quilters, sewing enthusiasts, or crafters we all have our favorite colors and color combinations. Next time your a pulling fabric for a project throw in some modern grey and a little lime green. It will make your project – cool! #modernquilt #moderncool #boldcolors


Modern Home

By Mary Covey

I always enjoy opening the blinds and doors to let the sunshine and fresh air come into the house.  The sunshine lifts your spirit and brightens any home. So it was no surprise to me that I enjoyed longarm machine quilting Jennifer’s quilt. This modern quilt would be a great addition to any home.


  When I first thought of the grey/yellow combination, I wondered if the grey would make the yellow appear dull. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the grey was just the right shade to make the yellow come to life.


  The blocks were set together in rows using pure white for the sashing and borders. A yellow and grey stripe was used for the backing (as seen in the first picture). Most of the blocks were a standard house block but some had a pinwheel in the center just to add variety.


  No matter what time of year, next time you want to bring the sunshine inside and brighten your day, try working with this great color combination. You  may be just like me – pleasantly surprised!   #ModernQuilt #ColorCombination #LongArmMachineQuilting


16 Fridays Until Christmas

By Mary Covey

Someone told me today that there are only 16 Fridays until Christmas. I thought to myself  I am better prepared this year. I already have gift bags, tissue paper, tape, etc. that I purchased last year right after Christmas. Now all I have to do is fill them with gifts. Easy – right? Not always.


Christmas Rush

Because I am a  professional long arm quilter, Labor day marks the beginning of what’s lovingly referred to as the “Christmas rush”. I have customers who have reserved spots months ago to get their Christmas quilts long arm machine quilted. I also have customers who call wanting to know if they can get their quilt machine quilted and back to them in time to do the binding before Christmas. And then there are those who want the machine quilting and binding done so all they have to do is wrap their machine quilted gift. No matter which group you fall into, give me a call (918-299-2750) or send me an e-mail at, I will be happy to work with you on getting your quilting projects ready by the Christmas deadline. I look forward to helping you get ready!

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What Are You Quilting?

By Mary Covey

What are you quilting? Maybe you just finished an amazing quilt that you want to share with everyone! Maybe it was a quick and easy project for a baby quilt. Is it a scrap quilt? A jelly roll quilt? Or is it something for yourself?

As you can see I have nothing on the machine right now but that will be changing soon. One of the things I love about quilting for others is the variety of thing I get to see.


Long Arm Machine Quilting – Mary Covey Designs


If I am stuck on picking color combinations, I look at what others have put together that I like.


Color Combinations



When I need direction on what to start as my next project I take a trip my local quilt shop to check out the newest books or patterns. Sometimes I get too inspired and come home with more than enough for one project. The project below is a new pattern series that is being taught by Elsie Ridgley at the Cotton Patch.


Pattern Series by Elsie Ridgley


I hope you will share what you are working on with me. Email me a picture of your projects. If you have a question that you think I can help with  let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


I lot of you have asked about the “Mary Covey Designs” that appears on most of my blog photos. I do not design or make most of the projects in the photos. But I do long arm quilting on them, take the photos, and  tag them with my blog name “Mary Covey Designs”. In the future the text will read “photo by Mary Covey Designs” if I took the photo. It will read “Mary Covey Designs” if the project was created by me.

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