Quest for Fabric


These small strips of fabric represent two different lines of fabric that I designed for P&B textiles. The pastels in the center where called Watercolor Etchings. I designed the line because I felt there was a need in the market for soft soothing colors to act as neutrals with things like Aunt Gracie’s and batiks. I have seen them used with both types of fabrics very effectively.

The prints on both ends represent a few of the fabrics from my second line called All About Me. The line was a tribute to my three year old grand daughter. Being the first and only grand child on either side of the family – trust me everything was all about her. There were several more color ways in the line -yellow, tans, greens, and browns. It also came with two pre-printed panels pictured below.


This line could stand alone or be incorporated into many quilts that used other fabric lines as well. Again I thought there was a need in the market for some bright colored prints for babies/children.  Something other than traditional pink and blue.

When I designed each line I thought there was a void in the market place that needed to be filled.  I am now on a quest for the newest void in the quilt/home decorating market. What is there that I cannot find to complete my quilt or home decorating project? I am asking you for your help. What are you looking for that you cannot find? Is it a certain style of fabric? Is it a certain color or colors? Let me know what your think is missing. You can leave a comment or email me at mmcovey I can’t wait to hear from you!




Small Pleasures




I enjoy piecing large quilts. But, I really enjoy working on small pieces. Miniature quilts or small wall hangings give you the opportunity to try out or practice new skills without making a big investment in time or fabric.

They are an easy way to pull from your stash of fabrics that are too small to use anywhere else, or cut into some of the expensive stuff without having to use very much. You can try different color schemes without being committed to a king size version of something you don’t like.

In the small wall hanging above, I started in the center with a piece of shadow work – my initial. That became the center of my crazy patch block. I used beads, buttons, lace, and hand embroidery to complete the block. It was great fun keeping up on some of my skills and using up some stash. I finished by adding borders and backing. The backing was done using a pillow case turn so no binding needed. I am interested in what you’re working on, so send me pictures of your small pleasures.







Alphabet Soup





When I was small we always looked forward to having alphabet chicken noodle soup when we were sick. I loved everything about it – the smell – the taste – the way it felt as you swallowed it – and the way it warmed your tummy and made you feel better. Why is it that we take something as simple as alphabet soup and turn it into something bad?

Years later while I was in high school/college they gave every student a small booklet titled Alphabet soup. The booklet contained the abbreviations of clubs and groups so you would not seem so lost. Some examples: FFA(Future Farmers of America), TC (Thespian Club), MAC (Medical Arts Club) – well you get the idea. Of course some of the more important ones needed no explanations – SAT,ACT, LSAT,MCAT.

When I started work, there it was the alphabet soup booklet that contained so many letters to memorize it would make you head swim. SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) , BP(Blood Pressure), HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy), PRN(take as needed), NPO (nothing by mouth), etc. etc. Was this a never ending list of alphabet soup? How much soup can one person use?

Now that I am a quilter I thought I was free from the abbreviations. Not true! in fact we have our own special set. Here are a few of my favorites:

WIP (Work in Progress) this one is usually goes with Wednesday like –  WIP Wednesday.

UFO (Unfinished Object) this can be used to describe any WIP.

LQS (Local Quilt Shop) a place where you get the things needed to finish your UFO or WIP.

SMSB  (Saturday Morning Sampler Block) Blocks kits that you work on at your LQS on Saturday morning. Sometimes they become UFO’s or WIP’s.

QFF (Quilting Friends Forever ) People who become kindred spirits when they quilt together at the LQS. working on WIP’s, UFO’s, or SMSB’s.

LFSF ( Looking for Specific Fabric) Quilter in desperate need of a certain fabric to finish her UFO, WIP, or SMBS  so she will ask all her QFF’s and her LQS if they have any.

LOL ( Laughing out Loud) This is what we do when we finally LFSF, find it, then meet our QFF’s at the LQS on Wednesday to finish our WIP’s and UFO’s. Then meet again on Saturday to pick up our SMSB kits. We leave laughing out loud while we try to decide which AYCE breakfast place is still open.

P.S. AYCE stands for All you can eat Breakfast!



Looking Forward to Autumn



We have had some really hot days lately here in Oklahoma. The best part of the day is early in the morning. The reast of the day I just want to be inside under the airconditioning. While I enjoy every season, I always look forward to fall. The air is crisp and the colors of fall are outstanding.

Just like I look ahead to cooler days, quilters should look ahead at getting fall projects quilted. Just  give me a call (918-299-2750)  to save a spot for your project so we can have it done in time to display this fall. And remember it is never too early to put your name in line for your Christmas projects.

Enjoy your summer.