Only Three Fridays Until Christmas

By Mary Covey

Back in September, I wrote a blog post titled “Only 16 Fridays Until Christmas”. It was hard to believe then that there was so little time to get all our quilts and quilted projects finished.

Christmas Rush

Christmas Rush

Well it is even harder to believe that there are only three Fridays until Christmas as I am writing this post. For those of us that provide long arm machine quilting, these next few weeks are like Black Friday and Cyber Monday all rolled into one. We get up earlier and work later into the evening almost every day. Most of our clients have had a spot reserved for a while and are anxiously waiting to get their projects back. The quilts that needed to be shipped are already finished and delivered to the UPS store.

I usually stop quilting for others about a week before Christmas so that I can get my own projects finished. How about you? What deadlines have you set for yourself?  If you don’t have time to get your project quilted, wrap it with a note explaining that you will get the quilting done right after Christmas. Everyone will enjoy seeing the quilt top before and again after it is finished.

Taking time to enjoy Christmas is at the top of my project list. Hope you have made that a priority on your to do list this year.


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