How to De-Clutter Your Work Space

By Mary Covey

Tips and Tricks

Organize your stash –

I have always considered myself a pretty organized person. In my previous life, everything you did had to be documented to perfection. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”.  Then I started quilting. At first I followed my work motto to include quilting. But after kids left home and it was just John and I, all I had to do was close the door to the quilting room and no one would see the mess. I would pick up things and store them neatly from time to time until my next project. This was not a very good system. Instead of using precious free time to sew I was looking for things and picking up my mess from the last project. So I decided to put my work practices back into my quilting.

Here a few tips that helped me make a place for everything (i.e. de-clutter your work space):

Organized supplies

How to Organize Your Supplies –

1. Downsize your stash the same way you clean out your closet. Donate the fabric that you will never use to a charity that makes donation quilts like Quilts of Valor or Hearts and Hands.

2. Organize your fabric. I organize mine by color. Some of my friends organize their fabric by type. An example would be all the flannels together, all the batiks together, etc. If you don’t have a lot of space use stackable, clear storage boxes.

3. When I am finished with a project, I cut leftover pieces into my own stash of precuts – 2 1/2″ squares or strips, 5″ squares, 3″ strips – well your get the idea. I put these into large zip lock bags with the size written on the outside. I line the bags up in empty shoe boxes where they are easily visible. Next time I am making a quilt, I look through these precuts first. I know it will be hard but discard all the tiny little pieces that are unusable.

4.Organize supplies into clear plastic jars that are available at places like Target for about a dollar depending on the size. Put all your scissors, seam rippers, and snips in one – all marking pens and pencils in another -rotary cutters in another.

5. Once your sewing/crafting area is organized it can be a big challenge to keep it that way. Make a habit of putting things back immediately after you use them. It may take a few uses  to develop these practices, but in the long run you will have more time to sew!

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