Classroom Etiquette – Are You a Good Student?

5 Tips to be a better student

By Mary Covey

We all enjoy taking a class to learn something new. At the end of most classes we are asked to evaluate the teacher. But have we ever thought about evaluating ourselves as students? It takes more than just being on time to be a good student.  Here are a few tips that have helped me get the most from my classroom experience.

  • Sign up for class as soon as you know you are interested. The class may be full if you wait until the last minute or a class could be cancelled because not enough students signed up.
  • Read the class description and know the skill level. Do not sign up for an advanced class if you are just a beginner. The teacher will have to spend lots of time helping you with skills that you should already know. This will be frustrating to you, the other students, but most of all the teacher.
  • Arrive a few minutes early and be prepared. Have the necessary supplies and make sure you know how to use them.
  • Turn off cell phones, keep conversation to a minimum, and pay attention to the teacher. Do not monopolize the teacher’s time. A good teacher will try to spend some individual time with each student.
  • Fill out the teacher evaluation form honestly. Be constructive about both the teacher and her handout material. Don’t ask for extra handouts for friends who did not attend the class. The teacher’s handouts are copyright protected, never, never copy them. They are intended for your use only. Do not take the class back to your guild or stitch group to teach it, this is also a violation of the copyright law unless you have written permission from the teacher.

Next time you take a class remember these simple tips, relax, and have fun being a good student.