Waiting for Perfection

By Mary Covey

When I saw this photo on Pinterest, perfection is the first word that came to mind.  Think about all the things that had to be in place for the photographer to get this amazing shot. The right camera, the right lens, the right location, the right lighting, it all had to be there ready for the big moment to happen. Lots of hard work –  just waiting for perfection. The thought of the “perfect moment” can be so daunting that we do nothing for fear of failing. As a quilter, an author, and business person, I am always thinking of ways to prepare myself for opportunities that might be perfect for me.

bird and frond

I set daily, weekly, and monthly goals that are all preparing me for the opportunities ahead. I work hard to master the skills I have and even harder to master new ones while constantly making adjustments. I have many failures. They make me very grateful for every small success. I urge all of my students and readers to take time to review your goals whatever they may be.  Ask your self  “What are my goals?” “Where do I need to improve my skills?”  “How can I prepare myself for opportunities?” Don’t let the anticipation of the “perfect moment” freeze you in your tracks, let it propel you into action!