Start Something New

By Mary Covey

Doesn’t everyone make resolutions at the start of a new year? How many do we make and really keep? I am sad to say that some of my resolutions fall by the way side during the year.

Craftsy Start Machine Quilting Class

Craftsy Start Machine Quilting Class

Years ago one of the resolutions I made was to learn how to machine quilt. So happy that I followed through with that resolution. At the time it was not really the acceptable way to finish your quilt. In fact it was frowned upon. Wow have the times changed. Over the years my love of machine quilting, turned from being a hobby into a full time job that I love.

If learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby is on your list I would encourage you to keep that resolution. Find a local quilt shop that offers classes on the subject you are interested in. If you are not close to a shop then consider taking a class on line. There are many sites that offer classes on a wide range of subjects for a minimal fee.

As this new year gets started, find something you’ve always wanted to do and get busy and start something new!!

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