Quilting the Quilt (part one)

By Mary Covey


When planning a quilt, most quilters know there are three elements to keep in mind – design, color, and texture. There is no denying that we are drawn to a quilt by the beauty of the design and by the color combinations that dazzle. But what about the texture – the actual quilting itself?

The quilts of yesteryear required a great deal of close quilting to keep the batting from shifting and lumping. This is not true for today’s quilts because of the numerous choices available in batting, more focus can be put on a quilting design that compliments both the design and color of the quilt.

The beautiful applique’ quilt block above was hand appliqued by Jane Green. Her attention to detail in the flowers deserves to be enhanced by machine quilting that does not distract from her work. Using matching thread colors helps keep your eye on the design of the block. Echoing each of the shapes both inside and outside creates equal density while still maintaining the beauty of the block design. Echo quilting is like ripples in a pond – they start out close in a perfect ring and get larger  the further away from the center they get.  After several passes around a shape swirls, leaves, hearts, and other designs can be added(see example below) to make those blank corners of the block beautiful.

Dorothy Smith's Quilt

Semi Feathers


From the Workroom

By Mary Covey

Its has been somewhat crazy around here. Just thought I would show you a few pictures of what I’ve been working on lately.

This lovely applique was done by Lavena.  I used echo quilting to enhance her beautiful work.

Lavena's Applique

Lavena’s Applique

Carolyn made this X and O scrappy quilt. Lots of fun with the long arm machine quilting.

Carolyn's Scrappy Quilt

Carolyn’s Scrappy Quilt

Elsie made this small wall hanging. This picture does not show the borders.

Elsie's Wall Hanging

Elsie’s Wall Hanging

Her machine applique is amazing. Here is a close up of the butterfly.

Elsie's Machine Applique

Elsie’s Machine Applique

Jackie made this modern quilt ( her own design ). Thought you would like to see a before and after.

Jackie's Modern Quilt Before

Jackie’s Modern Quilt Before

Blue side after long arm machine quilting.

Jackie's Modern Quilt Blue Side

Jackie’s Modern Quilt Blue Side

Green side after long arm machine quilting.

Jackie's Modern Quilt Green Side

Jackie’s Modern Quilt Green Side

Both sides were long arm machine quilted using the same variegated King Tut thread. All the quilting in these pictures is free motion long arm quilting.

I would really enjoy seeing pictures from your workroom. Send me an email @mmcovey@aol.com.