Free Motion Longarm Quilting Services

Mary Covey Designs can help you finish your quilt top or project. I provide quality longarm quilting services with competitive pricing. Free motion quilting is my favorite style. It allows me to custom quilt each quilt based on what the quilt needs. I love taking your project from an unfinished top to a beautiful finished quilt.


I charge by the square inch. My base is for stippling and starts at $0.016/sq. in. Stippling is an edge to edge design that looks like a puzzle piece. Other designs can be added to stippling such as a swirls, leaves, hearts, or stars for a slightly higher price.

Edge to Edge quilting can be any decorative free motion design that is done over the entire quilt top. Price is based on the density of the quilting.

Custom quilting prices can include block designs, echoing, applique’ design, feathers, vines, etc. My free motion work is customized for your quilt.

After seeing the quilt, I will call and discuss options and prices for your quilt with you before I begin quilting.

There is a minimum of $30.00 per quilt no matter the size.


I use high quality 100% cotton thread in both the top thread and bobbin. We will go over thread color when we talk. The cost of the thread is included in the price of the quilting.


I ask that all my customers provide their own batting. I do not work with any 100% polyester batting. The two battings that I recommend are Warm and Natural 100% cotton or Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 but will accept any needle punched 80/20 or natural fiber batting.If you have questions about batting please feel free to ask. Batting needs to be a minimum of  4″ larger on all sides than the quilt top. See the example below.


Backing and batting should be a minimum of four inches larger on all sides than your quilt. Example – if your quilt is 50” x 50” then, your batting and backing should be at least 58” x 58”. Your backing should be neatly pressed, squared up with no uneven seams or edges. Please do not use sheets as backing. I also recommend not using batiks for backing since they are so tightly woven. If you need your backing pieced, squared up, or extra fabric added to make it large enough to quilt there will be an extra charge for that service.


Please send your quilt top and backing pressed and squared up. If  your quilt requires pressing before quilting or your backing needs to be squared up,there will be an extra charge.


As a rule I do not trim your quilt. If for any reason it is necessary to do so, all extra batting and backing will be returned to you. I do offer trimming service by request. This would include cutting the excess of the batting and backing within 1/4″ from the edge of the quilt or to the edge of the quilt front which ever you prefer.


I can send your quilt to be finished with binding after the quilting is complete. Option one is full binding – the binding is prepared, machine sewn to the front of the quilt and hand stitched to the back. Option two is half binding – the binding is prepared and machine sewn to the front, then finished by you. Price quotes can be given and are charged by the linear inch. A sleeve can be added to your quilt for an extra fee. You would need to provide the extra fabric needed for these.


I receive and ship quilts via UPS. Please call, text, or e-mail me before shipping . I will call you to let you know the quilt has arrived and discuss pricing at that time. I will notify you when the quilt is complete and will ship when your payment is received in full.

Pickup and Delivery

I pick up quills at several local quilt shops in Tulsa/Broken Arrow and at a location in Jenks. When I pick up your quilt, I will give you a call to discuss design options and price. Once we agree on a price, I will e-mail or mail you an invoice (your choice). Payment can be made by regular mail with a check or online using your credit/debit card or Pay Pal. Just go to and click on the Pay Now button. Once your payment is received, I will deliver your quilt back to the place it was picked up. I will give you a call to let you know it has been delivered. NOTE: I take pride in providing quality workmanship. If you have a question, comment, or concern with your quilt please contact me immediately so that I may address any issue. After five days all sales are final.

I do quilts in the order that I receive them.I will gladly book your quilting time in advance. Just give me a call, text or e-mail, especially if you need the quilt by a specific date. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I will be happy to discuss your quilt with you.  Contact or by phone during normal business hours at 918-299-2750.


I have a blog post. I am also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. From time to time I like to post photos of works in progress or quilts that I have finished. I always give credit to the quilt maker when I post a photo. If you do not wish to have any photos of your quilt posted please let me know.