Inspirations for Quilting!

By Mary Covey

“Where do you get the inspiration for new quilting designs?” is one of the questions that I am  most frequently asked and one of the easiest to answer. Inspiration is all around us in everything from architecture to nature.

Many of the fabrics used by quilters are drawn or photographed directly from nature. Shapes you might be familiar with include grass, leaves, ferns, flowering plants and animals. The beautiful cabbage rose pictured below is just one example.

Shapes that are more geometric in their design are often drawn from everyday architecture. Windows, fence rails, gates, and doorways are examples of places that influence my quilting designs. Pictured below are a few of the pictures that I took to add to my ideas.

Take some pictures the next time you are out and about – you will be amazed at the inspirations you will find.

design inspirations2


design inspirations3


design inspirations


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