A Year of Quilting

By Mary Covey

What were you doing last year at this time? That was the question that kept running through my mind as I was long arm quilting today. The answer to me was clear – long arm machine quilting. Since that is a huge part of my business, it made me smile.

Dorothy Smith's Quilt

Semi Feathers

But then I began to reflect on all the changes my business has gone through in just a year. The old web page was in severe need of a facelift. I wanted a better way to communicate with you. With the help of some very talented people, the old site was taken away and a new blog (www.marycoveydesigns.com) was launched. The blog provides access to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Custom Quilts by Mary Covey Designs Quilting


Because of the many requests from you, I expanded my business to include coaching in starting and growing a cottage industry. It will also include coaching in pattern/book development. I am looking forward to this new journey while continuing my love of long arm quilting for others.

This time of year is filled with lots of busy activities and traditions. It can really be hectic. Take time to slow down for a few moments and look back on your year of quilting. Think about where you were this time last year and how much you have accomplished since then.

I am thankful for everyone who has helped me this year. I am blessed to have support and encouragement everyday from my customers, friends, and family.

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Only Three Fridays Until Christmas

By Mary Covey

Back in September, I wrote a blog post titled “Only 16 Fridays Until Christmas”. It was hard to believe then that there was so little time to get all our quilts and quilted projects finished.

Christmas Rush

Christmas Rush

Well it is even harder to believe that there are only three Fridays until Christmas as I am writing this post. For those of us that provide long arm machine quilting, these next few weeks are like Black Friday and Cyber Monday all rolled into one. We get up earlier and work later into the evening almost every day. Most of our clients have had a spot reserved for a while and are anxiously waiting to get their projects back. The quilts that needed to be shipped are already finished and delivered to the UPS store.

I usually stop quilting for others about a week before Christmas so that I can get my own projects finished. How about you? What deadlines have you set for yourself?  If you don’t have time to get your project quilted, wrap it with a note explaining that you will get the quilting done right after Christmas. Everyone will enjoy seeing the quilt top before and again after it is finished.

Taking time to enjoy Christmas is at the top of my project list. Hope you have made that a priority on your to do list this year.


From the Workroom

By Mary Covey

Its has been somewhat crazy around here. Just thought I would show you a few pictures of what I’ve been working on lately.

This lovely applique was done by Lavena.  I used echo quilting to enhance her beautiful work.

Lavena's Applique

Lavena’s Applique

Carolyn made this X and O scrappy quilt. Lots of fun with the long arm machine quilting.

Carolyn's Scrappy Quilt

Carolyn’s Scrappy Quilt

Elsie made this small wall hanging. This picture does not show the borders.

Elsie's Wall Hanging

Elsie’s Wall Hanging

Her machine applique is amazing. Here is a close up of the butterfly.

Elsie's Machine Applique

Elsie’s Machine Applique

Jackie made this modern quilt ( her own design ). Thought you would like to see a before and after.

Jackie's Modern Quilt Before

Jackie’s Modern Quilt Before

Blue side after long arm machine quilting.

Jackie's Modern Quilt Blue Side

Jackie’s Modern Quilt Blue Side

Green side after long arm machine quilting.

Jackie's Modern Quilt Green Side

Jackie’s Modern Quilt Green Side

Both sides were long arm machine quilted using the same variegated King Tut thread. All the quilting in these pictures is free motion long arm quilting.

I would really enjoy seeing pictures from your workroom. Send me an email @mmcovey@aol.com.


What’s for Dinner?



By Mary Covey

Busy people everywhere are all asking the same question “What’s for dinner?” If you are the person responsible for planning and preparing meals, this question is in the back of your mind all day long. What do I have in the refrigerator? Do I need to thaw something? Should I put a meal in the slow cooker before I head off to work?  What drive through is on my way home? It’s enough to make a person crazy!

When I started my home-based business, I never thought “what’s for dinner” would be a problem. Just take a few minutes from work, go to the kitchen, make dinner, then back to work. Right? Wrong! It seemed there was always one ingredient that was no where to be found in my refrigerator or pantry. So I would have to stop work and head to the market. You can never be in there for just a few minutes. I would always come home with things that I did not go for – sometimes I would come home without the item that I went to get.

But thankfully, I found some help. There are several websites that have made my life easier. The first one is www.mommyhatescooking.com by Kristy Still. Kristy has “Menu Plan Monday” with a free printable weekly menu planner. There is also  a recipe index that helps create a shopping list from the recipes you pick. Her pumpkin bread in a jar is just wonderful this time of year.

Pumpkin Bread in a  Jar  www.mommyhatescooking.com

Pumpkin Bread in a Jar

For those of  you with food allergies check out www.foodallergyeats.com by Sarah Roe. Sarah also has a menu planner that also helps in creating a shopping list. Besides recipes, there are lots of helpful articles for people with or without food allergies. Her allergy free taco salad is delicious. Sarah recently became the new owner of The Produce Gathering – a local co-op that offers healthy food at affordable prices. To get more information go to www.producegathering.com.

Allergy Free Taco Salad Recipe

Allergy Free Taco Salad

And finally who hasn’t heard of or watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman with Ree Drummond? (www.pioneerwoman.com) My favorite part of her site is Freezer Food. These recipes are make ahead, freezer friendly meals. They can go straight from the freezer to the oven on nights when there is absolutely, positively no time to cook.

Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking

So for busy people (quilters) everywhere, when you hear, “What’s for dinner?”, help is just a click away.

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